.IPA Projects (Samples of realised projects)



Kanjululu, North Malawi
Food security thanks to 3 part-projects

A storage house, irrigation and goats help to survive.




Ng'onga, North Malawi
Large-scale support for the medical center

A solid health care is now guaranteed.




Ouazzang, North Cameroon
Another savings bank is operational

Thanks to credits people can generate an income.




Lusangazi, North Malawi
A Teacher's Development Centre for the region

The TDC supports the education of thousands of children.




Logone-Birni, North Cameroon
The savings bank celebrates ten years of existence

The expansion in two regions shows great effect.




Region of Bwengu, North Malawi
Pilot project in the fight against child labour
Child labour is a widespread and complex problem.




Tawonana Shaba, North Malawi
Two boreholes as a measure of saving lives
Clean drinking water prevents desease and is a relief to women.




Ouazzang, North Cameroon
A village as a partner of the urban quarter Zurich-Enge

The motto "Enge forms a precedent" was marked by education




Lezhë, North Albania
Education for girls of the minority of Romanies

For the first time, IPA supports - in a pilote project - the minority of Romanies by giving some girls the opportunity to attend college.




Brest i Poshtem, North East Albania
New construction of a basic primary school including kindergarten

A renovation would not have made sense any more – only a new construction of the building assures good possibilities of education in the village




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