Preview of forthcoming IPA Projects



Frankth, North Albania.

Eight rooms for nine classes – the building in Frankth dates back to the time when the compulsory school time was eight years. Now it is nine and both the teachers and the pupils are confronted with a problem. After two successfully completed subprojects in this small village, IPA would like to help the school by building an extension with an ad- ditional classroom.



Kaulanyina, North Malawi.

There are 30 hectares of arable land. But during the dry season the farmers at Kaulanyina can only cultivate one hectare – with watering cans. The result: every year, once the meagre harvest of the rainy sea- son has been consumed, a famine lasting seven or eight months begins. A class at Hottingen high school in Zurich would like to end this situation by installing a solar- powered irrigation system combined with ecofarming.


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