Preview of forthcoming IPA Projects



District of Dibër, North Albania.

In Bulqizë, a town in north Albania, there is a plan to open up a centre (one day in the future) which shall boost the economic development in the district of Dibër in various ways. This will help young, well-trained Albanians to make their way into working life. Their big problem is to find a job. To prevent them from emigrating they must have positive prospects at home. Possibilities for start-ups and financial assistance are therefore urgently needed.



District of Mzimba North, North Malawi.

IPA is seeking the collaboration with new local partner organisations. In the district of Mzimba North we have therefore started a test phase with two NGOs. They will both plan and realise a small IPA project. An evaluation will then show if a second test project will follow. If the results are positive, we might start a long-term cooperation.


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