Preview of forthcoming IPA Projects



Kousseri, North Cameroon.

Because of the constant assaults by Boko Haram on the villages in the border area with Nigeria many children have become orphans or lost one parent. About forty of them attend the high school in Kousseri. They know that in their situation only a good education can open them the door to a better future. Being on their own means they need the support of IPA in order to succeed.



Izvor, South Albania.

The big school in this village is heading for a metamorphosis because this year's junior team has decided to support it. Smaller schools in the area are being closed down and the school in Izvor will become the centre of a whole region because it offers its students the whole curriculum, from the beginning to A-level exams. Plans for the project cover almost everything from the replacement of the windows to the renovation of a laboratory for lessons in natural science.


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