Preview of forthcoming IPA Projects



Wakaltou, North Cameroon.

Climate change, Boko Haram and Corona: these three factors increase the bitter poverty in the north of Cameroon. In Wakaltou 95% of the people live below the breadline and, to make things even worse, there was no rain period this year. A dramatic famine is threatening the country. A class at Enge high school in Zurich is planning to support the people with an extensive agricultural project.



Chatonda, North Malawi.

In the whole region comprising five villages and 2,500 inhabitants a well built by IPA is the only sign of infrastructure. There is neither a school nor a mill. There are no bridges and more wells providing water are urgently needed. At the MNG high school in Zurich a group of students are planning a multifunctional project which shall offer the region a safe development prospect.


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