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bujar dudumi


Bujar Dudumi,
IPA-Partner in Southern Albania,
especially for Gjirokastër.
Bujar Dudumi is the director of the gymnasium of arts in Gjirokastër.






Suela Koçibellinj, IPA partner in the north-east of Albania, is the head of the organisation Vizion O.J.F. The main focus of this association lies in the field of education.






The head of IPA in Cameroon is Aboukar Mahamat. He is also the general secretary of ACEEN. This organisation plans and realises a number of ecological projects.






Flument Mkinga is IPA's local project manager in the Rumphi District





Countries and Partners of IPA



Southern Albania

For many years IPA has been conducting its activities in Gjirokastër through its own local agency registered under the old name “Partner for Gjirokastër”.

Bujar Dudumi
is in charge of the branch. He also acts as director of the gymnasium of arts, enjoys the highest possible respect in the region of Gjirokastër and is known everywhere. He has been associated with IPA since the first material transport back in 1994 when he skilfully mastered all the logistical problems during that time. Through his thorough knowledge of IPA and his work methods he is ideally positioned to represent the charity.

Pandeli Kosta
is in charge of the domestic bank accounts ensuring separation of management and finances on location.

The local partner for the realisation of IPA projects in the district of Përmet is Mr Xhemil Maksuti. Mr Maksuti is the secretary of the delegate for the region in the parliament of Tirana and at the same time in charge of the IPA office for orphans in Përmet.



Northern Albania

Since summer 2010 IPA has at its side another strong partner: Vizion O.J.F. (www.vizionojf.com), an Albanian organisation founded in 2005. The charitable association is registered in Tirana and is active primarily in the region of Peshkopi not far from the border with Macedonia. Its main focus lies in the field of education and the organisation pursues the same goals as IPA.


The organisation is headed up by Suela Koçibellinj who now works as a translator, following her degree earned in German language and literature studies (including a Master of Business Administration). She is supported by a civil engineer who can accompany the renovation projects optimally.






Northern Cameroon


In Cameroon IPA is officially registered as an organisation for development cooperation. The head of the organisation is Mr Aboukar Mahamat. He grew up in the village of Lahaï located in the plains of Logone, an area prone to flooding. He is thus very familiar with the entire region and its specific issues. He is furthermore well known in the region and very well respected. He is the son of a fisherman and has completed his education with a baccalauréat gained from the Lycée in Yagoua.


In addition to his involvement with IPA, Mr Mahamat is the general secretary of ACEEN (Association Camerounaise pour l’Education Environnementale). This organisation plans and realises a number of ecological projects in the province “Extrême-Nord” in Cameroon.


ACEEN receives support from organisations such as IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) headquartered in Gland (eastern Switzerland). Mr Mahamat thus is experienced in project management and co-operation with western European organisations. His engagement for the improvement of the lives of the people in the region is conducted against a background of ensuring the sustainability of the natural resources of the region.





Northern Malawi


In the Rumphi District the aim is to support the people of the many small and uncared-for villages, and to tackle their most dramatic problems together with them. The focus will be on the fight against famine and malnutrition, the supply of clean drinking water, formal schooling for children, and primary health care. Our local partner, Flument Mkinga, favours a participatory approach when working with the local population. He has some experience in cooperating with foreign organisations. Mr. Mkinga is a well qualified forestry engineer leading a group of employees who take on various tasks. All the projects are carefully planned and designed for sustainability.