updated November 1st, 2019





IPA's Double Presence in Albania

Six members of the IPA Junior Team were given the ...





Help that works



IPA is engaged in transitional and developing countries with
focus on learning and education.

IPA offers help for self-help, e.g. through projects in the fields of food production and water supply as well as the issuance of micro credits.

The unique aspect of the IPA brand is the
integration of youth in the implementation of projects. This gives Swiss students the opportunity to gain formative experiences.

School classes and junior-teams define, plan and execute their projects independently but are supervised by experienced IPA staff.


All projects are inspected by IPA on location, and once completed, are checked over again. This way all donors have the guaranty that their money is being used in exactly the right places and that people are really getting the help they need.




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IPA's Double Presence in Albania

opportunity to travel to Albania inthe autumn break. They were accompanied by team leader Nicole Delavy and a teacher from Horgen secondary school. Visiting projects, getting to know the country's culture and being hosted by a foreign family – the Swiss students had embarked on an intense programme. Still, their conclusion was unanimous: "It was great fun and we are grateful for this opportunity."

All the while another IPA team, smaller in numbers, were touring the districts of Lezhë, Mirditë, Durrës and Dibër, surveying projects in these regions. Besides schools and medical facilities, the focus was this time widened to include so-called soft projects as well as the development of the local economy.




Toasting the success of the Junior project in Izvor