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IPA Projects





> Food production (for example rice), Sao, Cameroon


>Revival of a mountain school, Hotesh, Albania


>Struggle against child labour, region of Bwengu, Malawi


>Overall support of the medical centre, Murunda, Malawi


>School in partnership of Zurich-Enge, Ouazzang, Cameroon


>Support for the health centre, Ng'onga, Malawi


>Construction of a primary school, Brest i Poshtem, Albania


>Savings bank, Ouazzang, Cameroon


>Teacher's Development Centre, Lusangazi, Malawi


>Food production, Zigodo, Malawi


>Medical Center, Lahaï, Cameroon


>Education combined with ecological assignment, Kamkwamba, Malawi


> Support for children who experience violence, Lezhë, Albania


>Teaching materials for the school,
  Mlokota Thupa, Malawi

>Renovation and equipment of the library,
  Burrel, Albania

>Strengthening of women's capacities,
  Maga and Kousseri, Cameroon


>Education for Romanies, Lezhë, Albania


>Production of Spirulina, Lahaï, Cameroon


>Start of a Fish Farm, Zina, Cameroon


>Supplementary Lessons for Orphans,   Gjirokastër, Albania


>Birth Certificates, District of Zina, Cameroon